Defer Windows 10 Feature Update using Group Policy

Posted By: dstp | Published: 11-02-2020

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has adopted a Semi-Annual release of what is referred to as a Feature update. There have been 8 releases to date. This is in addition to it's regular bi-monthly quality/security updates.

More about Windows 10 releases

The general rule is to maintain our Windows 10 Installations current and apply the bi-monthly security updates. The Semi-Annual Feature updates however are rather large and have been know to cause issues. So you may want to defer Feature updates for a period of time and perform the update in a controlled manner rather have it done automatically!

If you have Windows 10 Pro then you have the option to defer this update for up to 365 days. Up to Windows 10 v1909, Microsoft provided a gui in Windows Update > Advanced options. This is no longer the case. Thankfully the "Group Policy editor" still allows you to enable this option. Simple steps follow.

Open the group policy editor by typing group in the Windows search box. Select "Edit group policy" in the search results.

In the Local Group Policy Editor, Navigate to:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Windows Update for Business.

Double click the entry that reads "Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received"

Check Enabled, Select Release Preview and type in desired number of days to defer it. 365 days is the Maximum

You can learn more about the various Build options using the following link


Also note that after enabling this Group Policy you will see *Some settings are managed by your organization in Windows Update.